Cambridge ESOL

We train our students in the English language, starting from Kindergarten, so that, in Junior High, our students achieve the required level to present and pass the International Examinations of the University of Cambridge, PET (Preliminary English Test) and FCE (First Certificate in English).

As a bilingual school, we implement, through our program, the development of the skills for the acquisition of English as a second language.

  • - Reading: comprehension and interpretation of texts, books, letters, newspapers, etc.
  • - Writing: development of the writing process with correct punctuation and the application of appropriate vocabulary and grammatical structures.
  • - Oral communication: spaces for free and guided communication, presentations, debates, participation in international forums, conversation club, etc.
  • - Listening comprehension: through recordings, videos, debates, forums, etc. for the correct interpretation of the information.

What we have






  • To ensure that our students, in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary sections, are able to communicate correctly orally and in a written way, understand and keep a conversation using a wide and appropriate vocabulary.
  • Arouse our students' interest for English, and make them aware of the importance of learning it, through the design and application of learning strategies and didactic resources applied in subjects such as: Science, History, Sustainable Education, and International Current Affairs.
  • As Cambridge University Preparation Center, we enable our Secondary students to apply the PET (Preliminary English Test) and FCE (First Certificate in English) curricular evaluations; having achieved an impeccable approval rating, as well as, several results of Merit and Distinction.
  • Show parents, through Learning Experiences in English (presentations, contests, conferences, debates, participation in various regional and international United Nations models, etc.), the level of acquisition of the language.

Primary levels

We have unique groups and with the entrance evaluation we are able to place the student in the corresponding English level for him/her.

Academic help: For those students who need to reinforce their knowledge, we have a space in which teachers help the students with specific topics at no extra cost.

Secondary Levels

We have 4 levels of English. With the admission evaluation, it is determined which level is the one that corresponds to each student. This promotes that our students obtain the appropriate guidance and reinforcement to develop their command of the language.

With additional subjects in English such as History, Sustainable Education, and International Current Affairs, we promote a greater number of interaction activities in English for all our students.

Exchanges abroad

Kipling, as a bilingual school, promotes exchanges abroad every year: "Summer Camps Canada, CISS" encouraging our students to apply their knowledge of the English language in a fun and safe environment, living with children or adolescents from all over the world; resulting in a cultural exchange and life experience that makes our students reinforce their security, self-esteem and independence.