We receive our students in face-to-face classes

We are happy to welcome you back to our facilities, complying with all safety protocols: sanitizing mat, temperature measurement, application of antibacterial gel before entering, healthy distance and use of face masks at all times, deep salitization in all areas of the school . We are happy to see you again!

Our elementary students in face-to-face classes

Happy return to face-to-face classes, we take care of every detail so that your stay is safe, protocol and security measures before entering, healthy distance and use of face masks at all times, deep salitization in all areas of the school. We are happy to see you again!

Cambridge University Certifications

Cambridge certifications prepare your child for a bright future. A good knowledge of English backed by an international degree opens up a world of possibilities. Our teaching program develops English language skills for life today.

Kipling Beyond Frontiers

Our graduate student, Miriam Heredia, was admitted to Harvard Kennedy School to pursue a postgraduate degree in Public Politics. I'm a leader, I'm Kipling!

Recent Events

  • Jr. High School Closure

    27th July 2022

    More than happy, more than proud for each one of you, We know the importance of this great step that you have just taken, of this cycle that you are concluding, and we know that you will continue to be successful...

  • Elementary School Closure

    26th July 2022

    Congratulations! We are proud for each of you, it seems easy to say goodbye, but only at this stage, we look forward to seeing you at Kipling Jr. High School...

  • Preschool Closure

    25th July 2022

    Congratulations Preschool! we love them and we are proud to see that they take another step in their education

  • WIMUN Geneva Experience

    December 5th 2019

    Kipling Secondary School and Mexico make history ... From WIMUN Geneva, our Delegates spoke in favor of a comprehensive change through International Diplomacy, we also won Best Diplomatic Delegate!

Catch Up!

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    From August 3rd to 5th
    9:00 - 2:00 p.m.
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  • KMUN 2022

    Kipling Virtual Museum

    Direktorio Amarillo Kipling

    Cutting Edge Facilities

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Would you like to be part of Kipling Institute?

We are pleased that you are interested in being part of our family. We will be glad and at your disposal to share criteria about the education of your child and our commitment.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Tel 443 160 07 08
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I am happy in Kipling because I have more friends, I like my classes, I like physical education and painting class.

Angel Student Elementary School

Reasons to be part of our institute

  • High academic performance
  • Leaders in International Debates
  • Dynamic classes
  • Sport activities
  • Personalized attention